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Groovy would not be the successful Open Source project it is today, without the help of its users, forming the base of a wider Groovy community and ecosystem of projects using Groovy.

In this section of the website, you can find useful links and information about:

  • how you can contribute to the project, its codebase, its documentation,
  • how to raise issues in our bug tracker,
  • how to interact with other Groovy users and developers through the mailing-lists or Slack. The Slack channel is not endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation, It's run by Groovy enthusiasts in the community for casual conversations and Q&A. Official discussions must happen on the mailing lists only,
  • the upcoming events and conferences you might want to attend to learn more about Groovy and to share your experience with others,
  • the list of user groups you can attend and where to meet other Groovy users.

If you click on the socialize link in the menu, you will also find other ways to interact with the Groovy community, and follow the news around the ecosystem: