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Changelog for Groovy 2.5.0-beta-3


  • [GROOVY-7061] - Type inference not working for Collections.sort()
  • [GROOVY-7390] - @EqualsAndHashCode incorrect when using non-field properties
  • [GROOVY-8093] - Final variable analysis broken within closure fields
  • [GROOVY-8094] - Final variable analysis giving incorrect message within nested if
  • [GROOVY-8241] - SAM parameter type inference for explicit parameter
  • [GROOVY-8252] - AIOOBE in combination of ncurry and rcurry
  • [GROOVY-8317] - Smart type inference doesn't work on explicit closure params
  • [GROOVY-8343] - Issue implementing Java interface
  • [GROOVY-8347] - Extend AutoFinal to closures and inner class within a class
  • [GROOVY-8360] - Enums that are nested classes do not have the static modifier set
  • [GROOVY-8367] - @Memoized not working for inner classes
  • [GROOVY-8386] - Final variable analysis broken with try/catch/finally
  • [GROOVY-8387] - Invalid module-info.class in jar artifacts
  • [GROOVY-8416] - Map-based constructor generated by @Immutable works only with HashMap
  • [GROOVY-8429] - Jar files under indy directory of distribution miss the file extension(i.e. jar)
  • [GROOVY-8430] - @Field doesn't support final fields
  • [GROOVY-8432] - Weird behavior parsing dates
  • [GROOVY-8435] - @Immutable should use the cache setting of @ToString
  • [GROOVY-8436] - IOException "Stream closed" occurred when rebuilding Apache Groovy in IntelliJ IDEA
  • [GROOVY-8445] - Static analysis does not work properly when coercing Closure to FunctionInterface
  • [GROOVY-8453] - @TupleConstructor ignoring inherited standard Java Beans properties
  • [GROOVY-8455] - @TupleConstructor gives wrong ordering when includeSuperFields is set
  • [GROOVY-8456] - @MapConstructor could provide a noArg flag
  • [GROOVY-8471] - Contents of META-INF/services/org.codehaus.groovy.source.Extensions conflict with Maven/Jisaw
  • [GROOVY-8474] - 'Unexpected super property set for:' when accessing super class property via super.propertyName
  • [GROOVY-8482] - Build refactor impacts on release process
  • [GROOVY-8483] - groovy-all v2.5.0-beta-3 is missing from bintray


  • [GROOVY-6555] - Allow @Immutable classes to validate their properties upon construction
  • [GROOVY-7078] - make @Immutable play nice with constructor injection
  • [GROOVY-7599] - @Immutable should recognize JSR-310 classes
  • [GROOVY-8351] - groovy-starter.conf could be extended to support configscript
  • [GROOVY-8353] - groovyConsole should support -Dname=value setting of system properties
  • [GROOVY-8406] - DefaultGroovyMethods missing Array support
  • [GROOVY-8410] - Provide a common cache
  • [GROOVY-8428] - Add DGM startsWithAny(String...) and endsWithAny(String...)
  • [GROOVY-8440] - @Immutable annotation should be re-vamped to be a meta-annotation
  • [GROOVY-8464] - Allow rendering inline json
  • [GROOVY-8465] - @ToString should support the includeSuperFields annotation attribute
  • [GROOVY-8477] - @Immutable-related transformations should be more configurable

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-7956] - Provide an AST transformation which improves named parameter support
  • [GROOVY-8352] - Add a @Generated annotation to mark generated members