Changelog for Groovy 2.4.4


  • [GROOVY-4421] - Casts should have higher precedence than mathematical operators
  • [GROOVY-5185] - Cast operator precedence is incorrect
  • [GROOVY-7018] - GroovyClassLoader addClasspath RegexPattern issue
  • [GROOVY-7022] - invoking scripts using full path broken in cygwin
  • [GROOVY-7097] - ScriptBase class can't be resolved if not in current directory even if CompilerConf classpath is set
  • [GROOVY-7127] - Dates.isJsonDate only recognizes Javascript Date's toJSON() Format
  • [GROOVY-7159] - STC claims non-existent Diamond in Anonymous Inner Class with Generics
  • [GROOVY-7338] - URL getText(requestProperties) Map doesn't accept a GString
  • [GROOVY-7365] - Compiler crash in the static type checker
  • [GROOVY-7366] - Static imports are missing in generated stubs
  • [GROOVY-7377] - Interpolated variable followed by asterisk in slashy-string causes compiler error
  • [GROOVY-7381] - Setters with non-void return type fail at runtime when statically compiled
  • [GROOVY-7386] - Packed Maven pom.xml reference commons-cli instead of groovy-all
  • [GROOVY-7391] - Indy ignores custom invoker in meta class
  • [GROOVY-7392] - JsonSlurper Fails on Valid JSON
  • [GROOVY-7416] - Problem With CompileStatic And Interface Methods In Abstract Subclass
  • [GROOVY-7424] - NPE in SecureASTCustomizer for interface method declarations
  • [GROOVY-7448] - AbstractConcurrentMap performing rehash() on every insert
  • [GROOVY-7453] - CompileStatic annotation should not support package target
  • [GROOVY-7456] - Builders don't work in Traits
  • [GROOVY-7461] - Groovy doesn't write BOM if UTF-16 alias is used
  • [GROOVY-7462] - groovy.json.internal.Dates instantiates objects without explicitly specifying the miliseconds parameter
  • [GROOVY-7474] - Difference between junit3 and junit 4 shouldFail {...} not described in docs
  • [GROOVY-7476] - JsonSlurper sometimes does not parse escaped double quotes on parsing with JsonParsingUsingCharacterSource
  • [GROOVY-7477] - CompileStatic-related "BUG! exception in phase 'instruction selection'"
  • [GROOVY-7485] - BUG! exception in phase 'semantic analysis'... when trying to call instance method as default for a constructor parameter
  • [GROOVY-7495] - Diamond inheritance of interfaces makes method return type incompatible
  • [GROOVY-7504] - [CVE-2015-3253] Potential remote code execution
  • [GROOVY-7664] - Deserializing Groovy objects results in arbitrary remote code execution


  • [GROOVY-7425] - Add 'getBytes(Map parameters)' method to the URL class