Changelog for Groovy 2.3.9


  • [GROOVY-6355] - Incorrect field lookup failure when a child class invokes a method that creates an anonymous class
  • [GROOVY-7112] - @Memoized failed to apply for method with variable args
  • [GROOVY-7169] - Cannot use array if it is assigned twice
  • [GROOVY-7181] - Using a memoized closure with inject corrupts the memoization cache
  • [GROOVY-7184] - Problem With Compiler Inconsistency
  • [GROOVY-7190] - Problem With Static Fields Defined In A Trait
  • [GROOVY-7195] - usage of compare operators should not force fastpath
  • [GROOVY-7196] - Problem With Static Trait Properties And Test Classes
  • [GROOVY-7203] - Groovy 2.3.8 causes Gaelyk 2.1.2's initialization to fail on the Google App Engine Production server
  • [GROOVY-7206] - NullPointerException when assigning an unknown property in a trait
  • [GROOVY-7210] - array index variable unboxing not working
  • [GROOVY-7213] - Private methods in traits cause compile time error if the class implementing trait is statically compiled
  • [GROOVY-7214] - Problem With Private Methods In A Trait
  • [GROOVY-7215] - Incorrect stubs generated for traits if a class defines a conflicting property
  • [GROOVY-7216] - subMap includes keys with null value that are not in the original map
  • [GROOVY-7246] - Access modifiers behave differently in Groovy when compared to Java.


  • [GROOVY-7198] - Traits should allow to use @Override for method implemented from interface