Changelog for Groovy 2.3.7


  • [GROOVY-6340] - Explicit private getter method is executed if an implicit getter method exists because of a public property.
  • [GROOVY-6438] - @Newify AST transformation doesn't work for anon inner classes
  • [GROOVY-6452] - @Grab group element is documented as optional but the implementation requires it
  • [GROOVY-6899] - NullPointerException in TypeResolver when using traits with generics
  • [GROOVY-6981] - MalformedParameterizedTypeException when bounded generic attribute without visibility modifier
  • [GROOVY-6986] - Wrong end position for invalid operator
  • [GROOVY-7005] - Compile bug with @Synchronized("lockname") and undefined lockname
  • [GROOVY-7016] - AutoClone does not check for existing copy constructor
  • [GROOVY-7027] - @Synchronized should be disallowed on an abstract method
  • [GROOVY-7029] - NPE in compilation of spread-operator with @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-7032] - Traits don't like generic arguments
  • [GROOVY-7040] - Builder annotation should provide default values for forClass, prefix, builderClassName, buildMethodName, builderMethodName
  • [GROOVY-7052] - Stubs do not support traits
  • [GROOVY-7054] - Read Only Property not resolved correctly at runtime (w/CompileDynamic)
  • [GROOVY-7056] - AnnotationCollector unusable in external jar when used in stub generation
  • [GROOVY-7058] - NPE when using type parameter in trait method
  • [GROOVY-7063] - Runtime IllegalAccessError when accessing protected method of the owning class's superclass from a closure when using @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-7072] - NullPointerException in phase 'instruction selection' when using spread-dot operator on an array in static compilation mode
  • [GROOVY-7075] - Safe Navigation operator does not perform null check with @CompileStatic on interface type not declaring getter
  • [GROOVY-7084] - Minor typos in section "GroovyDoc comment"
  • [GROOVY-7148] - Problem With Stubs And Annotation
  • [GROOVY-7189] - inconsistent stack height error combining @CompileStatic and chained spread-based invocations


  • [GROOVY-6822] - Rewrite the JsonBuilder implementation
  • [GROOVY-6967] - Document the possible race condition when using consumeProcessOutput()
  • [GROOVY-6982] - Provide Version information in Windows installer
  • [GROOVY-7030] - @Synchronized could allow an explicit static lock to be used for an instance method