Changelog for Groovy 2.3.5


  • [GROOVY-6446] - Groovy-module's extension method don't work by Grape Annotation(sometimes)
  • [GROOVY-6447] - Groovy-module's extension method don't work by Grape Annotation(always on Java SE 8)
  • [GROOVY-6778] - groovy scripts file path name containing "e-n" raises " Invalid argument"
  • [GROOVY-6836] - ClassCastException in map argument constructor when Immutable and CompileStatic are used
  • [GROOVY-6849] - Error in @CompileStatic when method in both Interface and Superclass
  • [GROOVY-6852] - groovy.json.JsonOutput throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when serializing some Strings that contain a high percentage of non-ASCII characters.
  • [GROOVY-6901] - @Grab dependencies can't be fetched
  • [GROOVY-6911] - createGenericsSpec java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
  • [GROOVY-6929] - Type checker fails with NPE if a write only property is used in a bean-style constructor call
  • [GROOVY-6930] - Static Compilation Deadlock
  • [GROOVY-6931] - Undocumented breaking change in ShortTypeHandling
  • [GROOVY-6935] - VerifyError with = instead of : in tag attribute with Markup Template Engine
  • [GROOVY-6937] - JSon serialization with unicode characters fail
  • [GROOVY-6940] - Using subscript operator on untyped model item fails compilation
  • [GROOVY-6941] - Use of a dynamic property inside a markup engine closure causes a VerifyError
  • [GROOVY-6953] - Regression with @DelegatesTo wrt to maps
  • [GROOVY-6955] - Regression if @DelegatesTo delegate to a Java class and use of property notation
  • [GROOVY-6961] - Incorrect type inference for closure parameter chained after collectMany
  • [GROOVY-6962] - IllegalAccessError exception is raised when accessing inherited public method
  • [GROOVY-6964] - Build on Windows
  • [GROOVY-6965] - Static compilation fails with exception when trying to cast Closure to Runnable under certain conditions
  • [GROOVY-6970] - Type checker fails to choose between equivalent interface methods
  • [GROOVY-6971] - GeneratedMetaMethod.Proxy#proxy() can cause massive waiting times


  • [GROOVY-2161] - Improve javadocs for MetaMethod, MetaProperty and so on
  • [GROOVY-6963] - groovydoc should honour the {@docRoot} javadoc tag
  • [GROOVY-6973] - Provide backport jars for upwards binary compatibility