Changelog for Groovy 2.3.0-rc-2


  • [GROOVY-5459] - grape command and help is wrong command line structure
  • [GROOVY-6254] - groovydoc fails when java files start with single line comments
  • [GROOVY-6463] - Incorrect error implementing method
  • [GROOVY-6706] - Custom base script abstract method throws NPE with the @BaseScript annotation on imports
  • [GROOVY-6714] - GroovyDoc omits and/or misplaces documentation for methods in .java files.
  • [GROOVY-6722] - Compiler doesn't recognize covariant array of generics
  • [GROOVY-6724] - Missing temporary type information check if a receiver has a property with generics
  • [GROOVY-6725] - XML parsing error during grape uninstall
  • [GROOVY-6726] - index entries of classes are missing in index-all.html
  • [GROOVY-6729] - FirstParam.FirstGenericType don't works whe the method returns generic type