Changelog for Groovy 2.1.8


  • [GROOVY-6012] - GroovyScriptEngine uses UTF-8 on initial compilation, system file.encoding on recompilation
  • [GROOVY-6013] - GroovyScriptEngine disregards source encoding set on its CompilerConfiguration
  • [GROOVY-6156] - Grapes/@Grab does not work with JDK8
  • [GROOVY-6196] - groovy compiler throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when combining @CompileStatic with @ToString/@EqualsAndHashCode with certain property names
  • [GROOVY-6241] - Type inference fails for methods returning generic map types
  • [GROOVY-6257] - groovydoc information loss for enums
  • [GROOVY-6350] - adding two empty lists fails with NPE
  • [GROOVY-6357] - Inner classes in Groovy should have the same access modifiers as in Java
  • [GROOVY-6365] - Closure taking Object[] in @CompileStatic class gets actual parameters wrapped in additional Object[]
  • [GROOVY-6372] - @Immutable fails to recognize non immutable classes
  • [GROOVY-6379] - Wrong example in the api of class Map(dropWhile)
  • [GROOVY-6384] - Change all calls to Class.forName to direct dispatch so that differences around classloading between Groovy and Java are resolved
  • [GROOVY-6386] - groovyc task throws ZipException when it encounters classpath resources that are not jars


  • [GROOVY-3969] - Groovy Console forgets size of input area
  • [GROOVY-6364] - More efficient implementation of thread safety in class ClassLoaderForClassArtifacts
  • [GROOVY-6371] - Documentation for connection parameters in URL.getText() (and related methods) is lacking
  • [GROOVY-6382] - Bintray JCenter added as a first remote resolver in the default Ivy chain