Changelog for Groovy 2.1.6


  • [GROOVY-6085] - Annotation for inner interface in Java stub should not use dollar notation
  • [GROOVY-6197] - Get wrong result using XXX Assign operator on byte array
  • [GROOVY-6201] - groovysh hangs on Edit command when using terminal editor (vim, nano, etc.) on posix terminals
  • [GROOVY-6210] - Fix javadoc/groovydoc vulnerability
  • [GROOVY-6211] - Fix failing Process tests on windows
  • [GROOVY-6215] - Problem with @TypeChecked and switch statements
  • [GROOVY-6219] - Closure return type inference not used if a method is directly using a closure as argument
  • [GROOVY-6223] - Compile time type of result of integer increment/decremnt is Object, not int?
  • [GROOVY-6230] - TypeChecker confuses attribute with field if getter has different type
  • [GROOVY-6232] - Type checker fails with internal error for diamond
  • [GROOVY-6233] - static type checker fails to check constructor arguments
  • [GROOVY-6235] - code compiled with CompileStatic will under some circumstances call wrong version of overloaded method
  • [GROOVY-6237] - wrong resolution for hidden generics
  • [GROOVY-6238] - Type checker confuses method calls on closure expressions with
  • [GROOVY-6243] - Semantics of multiple assignment different using @CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-6244] - GroovyConsole doesn't show SimpleMessage