Changelog for Groovy 2.1.3


  • [GROOVY-4641] - Defining an abstract method in enum
  • [GROOVY-4655] - groovy.transform.EqualsAndHashCode annotation does not handle cycles
  • [GROOVY-5211] - Method dispatch error with @Delegate
  • [GROOVY-5243] - @Canonical @TupleConstructor can't handle Object or Map properties
  • [GROOVY-5755] - MissingPropertyException thrown when referencing an externally declared constant from a switch case in an enum instance method
  • [GROOVY-5756] - error during class generation: cannot define closures inside methods of an enum instance
  • [GROOVY-5771] - Project compilation fails when I put an enum in my project
  • [GROOVY-5859] - Invalid generic cast generated in super constructor call in a Java stub
  • [GROOVY-5948] - memoizeAtLeast and memoizeBetween don't cleanup garbage-collected SoftReferences
  • [GROOVY-6021] - @DelegatesTo: static type checker misses an error
  • [GROOVY-6054] - context variable breaks output transformation
  • [GROOVY-6055] - @DelegatesTo added by AST assumes static context
  • [GROOVY-6061] - in CompileStatic mode, "a[i] = a[j]" won't work
  • [GROOVY-6064] - @CompileDynamic misses the processor
  • [GROOVY-6065] - Overriding enum methods in constant specific body does not work if non-default constructor is used
  • [GROOVY-6068] - Thread safety issue in AntBuilder leads to major memory leak
  • [GROOVY-6072] - `String | []` represented as ClassExpression in AST (causing problems in Spock data tables)
  • [GROOVY-6075] - The compiler doesn't honor the "target bytecode" flag
  • [GROOVY-6078] - Chained null-safe navigation is broken in CompileStatic mode
  • [GROOVY-6082] - GroovyResultSet not updateable for Prepared Statements
  • [GROOVY-6086] - @CompileStatic problem with methods returning array of Objects - Error msg: "Cannot return value of type [LSomeClass; on method returning type SomeClass[]"
  • [GROOVY-6091] - Explicit use of "delegate" doesn't make use of @DelegatesTo
  • [GROOVY-6093] - @XmlEnumValue annotation is lost from enum constant during compilation
  • [GROOVY-6094] - ImportNode doesn't contain line information


  • [GROOVY-5445] - Make @Delegate delegate to inherited property accessors

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-6087] - grape command could provide a resolver option for "install"