Changelog for Groovy 2.0.5


  • [GROOVY-4975] - GroovyScripeEngine fails to properly reload when dependent class is updated
  • [GROOVY-5386] - @Delegate - sometimes compilation fails for generic types
  • [GROOVY-5723] - Problem with cached calls with GroovyServlet
  • [GROOVY-5729] - Delegation to an interface with deprecated methods shows a compile error
  • [GROOVY-5730] - array given spreaded to doCall method if EMC is enabled
  • [GROOVY-5732] - Delegating to an abstract class hierarchy doesn't implement interfaces at a higher level
  • [GROOVY-5739] - performance problem in DefaultGroovyMethods.removeAll()


  • [GROOVY-5716] - @Immutable annotation should allow Cloneable fields