Changelog for Groovy 2.0.4


  • [GROOVY-5418] - Compilation error with covariant return types (incompatible types)
  • [GROOVY-5439] - error: incompatible types on Java stubs returning generics
  • [GROOVY-5630] - Java stub generator generates wrong cast for return value of generic method
  • [GROOVY-5665] - Groovyc ant task fails with nested javac when using generics
  • [GROOVY-5675] - Stub compiler expands generic-inner-class variable declaration incorrectly
  • [GROOVY-5693] - Unexpected behavior of CompileStatic when assigning a Closure to a new block code
  • [GROOVY-5698] - STC: problem w/ map based constructors
  • [GROOVY-5699] - STC: Property inference issue with IntRange properties
  • [GROOVY-5700] - STC: different behavior w/ map subscript and property access when using elvis
  • [GROOVY-5702] - STC: checker confused by overridden method from sub interface
  • [GROOVY-5703] - CompileStatic - Calling vargarg parameter String is converted to array of strings
  • [GROOVY-5704] - CompileStatic conues field access with property access
  • [GROOVY-5705] - STC: calling a closure stored in a property yields an NPE
  • [GROOVY-5706] - JSR 223 invokeFunction broken in 2.0.2 - regression
  • [GROOVY-5707] - If superclass defines a readonly property, subclass may not use a private field of the same name
  • [GROOVY-5710] - Stub generator should not use raw types when casting default return values
  • [GROOVY-5713] - timing problem with GroovyScriptEngine recompilation