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Changelog for Groovy 2.0.0-rc-4


  • [GROOVY-5463] - "Caught: BUG! exception in phase 'class generation'" when @CompileStatic present on class definition
  • [GROOVY-5517] - Type inference doesn't work with a Java class and a static property
  • [GROOVY-5519] - Static Type Checker: Exception type not inferred for catch blocks
  • [GROOVY-5520] - Static Type Checker: Cannot check for null against a Java interface
  • [GROOVY-5521] - Static Type Checker: Type not inferred from maps with generics
  • [GROOVY-5522] - Add array DGM variants for find and findAll to assist Static Type Checker
  • [GROOVY-5523] - Static Type Checker: Ternary operator doesn't allow nulls
  • [GROOVY-5525] - Type checker doesn't find a method defined in Arrays
  • [GROOVY-5526] - VerifyError using @CompileStatic and assertEquals
  • [GROOVY-5527] - VerifyError with @CompileStatic when using the power operator
  • [GROOVY-5528] - wrong generics check for classes extending another class and giving through the generics parameter
  • [GROOVY-5529] - Closure not statically compiled and owner access issue
  • [GROOVY-5530] - No compilation error for GString values in named parameter consturctors for String fields
  • [GROOVY-5531] - Problem accessing closure parameter inside named arg constructor values inside a closure in a @CompileStatic class
  • [GROOVY-5532] - Static compilation complains when accessing a property with a property notation inside a named arg ctor inside a closure inside a @CompileStatic class
  • [GROOVY-5533] - Static compiler doesn't write valid bytecode for
  • [GROOVY-5534] - Static Compilation: Groovy @CompileStatic doesn't support safe dereference
  • [GROOVY-5535] - When variable is not initialized @CompileStatic can fail compilation
  • [GROOVY-5536] - Using @CompileStatic causes VerifierError
  • [GROOVY-5537] - Using @CompileStatic results in "Illegal use of nonvirtual function call"
  • [GROOVY-5538] - Using @CompileStatic produces NoSuchMethodError
  • [GROOVY-5539] - @CompileStatic throws verify error using power operator
  • [GROOVY-5540] - Static compiler doesn't choose the right method in hierarchy
  • [GROOVY-5541] - AstBrowser doesn't show any labels