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Changelog for Groovy 1.8.8


  • [GROOVY-5125] - GroovyScriptEngine load from jarURL fail
  • [GROOVY-5321] - GroovyScriptEngine getResourceConnection treats resourceName argument as URI path spec
  • [GROOVY-5322] - MinimumRecompilationInterval is not used as an interval in GroovyScriptEngine
  • [GROOVY-5394] - Grape's Grab ignores 'ext' when classifier is not set
  • [GROOVY-5660] - JsonOutput Date formatting is not threadsafe
  • [GROOVY-5662] - java.lang.VerifyError when accessing array passed to method
  • [GROOVY-5666] - Incorrectly finding "where" in query string
  • [GROOVY-5668] - Input stream not closed
  • [GROOVY-5678] - (primopts) increment on array not done as primopt
  • [GROOVY-5679] - Enclosing method is not set for anonymous inner classes
  • [GROOVY-5681] - Anonynous inner class as default argument value throws IOOBE
  • [GROOVY-5689] - ClassCastException Double->Float with -= += operators and closures
  • [GROOVY-5691] - TimeoutException immediately thrown when using both TimedInterrupt and with {} closure on a Map