Changelog for Groovy 1.8.0-rc-4


  • [GROOVY-4215] - exception trying to define method in closure
  • [GROOVY-4580] - vmplugin throws NPE when trying to throw a GroovyBugException
  • [GROOVY-4700] - @Field variable can't be referred from closure
  • [GROOVY-4720] - Method overriding with ExpandoMetaClass is partially broken
  • [GROOVY-4731] - sample code in javadoc of Map#spreadMap() don't works
  • [GROOVY-4734] - Object initializer not being called on object construction
  • [GROOVY-4741] - VerifyError: Expecting to find integer on stack
  • [GROOVY-4743] - Inner classes of inner classes can't find outer class method names.
  • [GROOVY-4746] - broken @link in's javadoc
  • [GROOVY-4747] - ClosureWriter incorrectly changes the accessedVariable field of a VariableExpression
  • [GROOVY-4748] - javadoc comment problems which breaks generated HTMLs
  • [GROOVY-4751] - Defensive copying doesn't work for @Immutable classes
  • [GROOVY-4753] - CliBuilder#expandArgumentFiles throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on empty arguments
  • [GROOVY-4756] - wrong usage of _$st in interfaces
  • [GROOVY-4765] - __$swapInit not quite doing what was expected
  • [GROOVY-4774] - Problem with extended command expressions


  • [GROOVY-4553] - AnnotationConstantExpression.visit should include a call to super.visit
  • [GROOVY-4680] - Grape/Grab Documentation is incomplete
  • [GROOVY-4722] - Enhance GrapeIvy to support ext
  • [GROOVY-4771] - add paging to eachRow and rows GString methods
  • [GROOVY-4772] - add javadocs for sql paging
  • [GROOVY-4775] - Support 'changing' attribute on @Grab annotation
  • [GROOVY-4779] - add syntax highlighting to the AST Browser decompiled source view