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Changelog for Groovy 1.8.0-rc-2


  • [GROOVY-2516] - ExpandoMetaClass.class.metaClass creates StackOverflow
  • [GROOVY-4378] - Incorrect handling of unicode escape sequences when calculating source locations
  • [GROOVY-4480] - Parsing seems to have changed in 1.8
  • [GROOVY-4504] - Groovy compilation results in warnings in generated code
  • [GROOVY-4601] - Stub generator doesn't escape strings with mixed single and double quotes
  • [GROOVY-4695] - anonymous classes InnerClassNode has -1 for line numbers
  • [GROOVY-4704] - Error with null parameter in prepared statements with old DB2 driver
  • [GROOVY-4707] - Scripts' class nodes didn't have correct source positions
  • [GROOVY-4709] - @Interrupt AST transformations should not be applied on abstract methods
  • [GROOVY-4715] - StreamingMarkupBuilder can produce invalid xml


  • [GROOVY-4671] - DGM#inject can be generified
  • [GROOVY-4690] - Allow PrimaryClassNodeOperations to be added to CompilerConfiguration
  • [GROOVY-4693] - GDK groovydocs for String.padXXX are not very clear [new wording attached]
  • [GROOVY-4703] - Improve FactoryBuilderSupport exception messages
  • [GROOVY-4713] - typo( lists -> maps ) in GDK doc comment
  • [GROOVY-4717] - implement a way for direct method calls