Changelog for Groovy 1.8.0-rc-1


  • [GROOVY-2177] - Groovysh 'history recall' seems to be picking the wrong entry (off by 1)
  • [GROOVY-2914] - LoadConfiguration fails to load *.jar
  • [GROOVY-4599] - Exception java.lang.VerifyError "Expecting to find object/array on stack" when overriding a notyped method with a typed method
  • [GROOVY-4609] - Using log variable created with @Log or @Log4j causes compiler error if used in static method
  • [GROOVY-4626] - Console launched from groovy-all-1.7.6.jar now has ivy dependancy
  • [GROOVY-4649] - static inner classes are not being compiled correctly
  • [GROOVY-4669] - "anystring" as byte[] throws java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "anystring"


  • [GROOVY-4664] - Add @ThreadInterrupt to console scripts automatically
  • [GROOVY-4675] - Prefer ClassHelper.make(Class) over new ClassNode(Class)

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-3846] - Grape command cannot remove and/or update a "grape"