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Changelog for Groovy 1.8.0-beta-2


  • [GROOVY-1769] - parse of assert fails when newline between 'test' and 'message'
  • [GROOVY-3463] - Spring/CGLIB proxies throw exception "object is not an instance of declaring class"
  • [GROOVY-3496] - Slashy Strings may not terminate with a backslash
  • [GROOVY-3613] - Need to supply hand-crafted constructor for enum having >1 field
  • [GROOVY-3841] - AST Browser - Generalize AST Browser so that it can produce TreeNodes for the UI or TextNodes for a file based tool
  • [GROOVY-3991] - Exponantiation
  • [GROOVY-4288] - GroovyScriptEngine can't refresh class from url other than file
  • [GROOVY-4316] - Add test/coverage (for CLONE of Joint compilation fails for interfaces with primitive fields)
  • [GROOVY-4325] - Compiler does not mind multiple default cases for a switch statement
  • [GROOVY-4329] - Stub generator exhibits a synthetic method in the stubs it should not
  • [GROOVY-4330] - Groovy 1.7.4 wont build from source
  • [GROOVY-4336] - EMC DSL is broken for some methods on Closure
  • [GROOVY-4337] - Generated createCallSiteArray is too big for JVM
  • [GROOVY-4340] - Curry method fails when using it in a chain with IllegalArgumentException
  • [GROOVY-4341] - DefaultGroovyMethods#unique O(n²) performance
  • [GROOVY-4347] - DGM#consumeProcessOutput(Process, StringBuffer, StringBuffer) accepts only StringBuffers
  • [GROOVY-4348] - Cannot get a closure's resolve strategy with property syntax
  • [GROOVY-4363] - @Immutable class, failure when trying to define private static members
  • [GROOVY-4364] - DGM.eachLine() returns wrong result
  • [GROOVY-4376] - deprecated @groovy.lang.Immutable feature broken on current trunk (1.8-beta-2)
  • [GROOVY-4380] - Round-tripping XML which contains a newline character reference in an attribute's value removes the character reference
  • [GROOVY-4385] - Response already committed on Google App Engine when serving blobs
  • [GROOVY-4394] - JavaStubGenerator doesn't properly generate annotations with properties of array type
  • [GROOVY-4404] - Variable scope of BlockStatement getting lost inside ReturnAdder
  • [GROOVY-4405] - ResourceBundle in 1.7-beta-1
  • [GROOVY-4408] - Groovy truth of groovy.util.slurpersupport.NoChildren should be false
  • [GROOVY-4409] - Groovy snapshot source archives for 1.8 beta-1 and beta-2 are having everything packaged twice
  • [GROOVY-4410] - ClassFormatError extending generic interface that has a method with an Array argument returning the generic type
  • [GROOVY-4412] - FindBugs errors for new Integer() vs. Integer.valueOf() like calls
  • [GROOVY-4414] - unaryMinus fails for Short and Byte
  • [GROOVY-4416] - Accessing outer properties/methods from inner classes results in NPE
  • [GROOVY-4418] - Unqualified reference in subclass static method to superclass static fields fails to compile


  • [GROOVY-4253] - findResult object/collection/map enhancement patch
  • [GROOVY-4321] - Keywords "super" and "this" should be allowed as map key for literal maps/named params and property access
  • [GROOVY-4343] - @Log annotation should support Apache Commons Logging
  • [GROOVY-4344] - Assert a closure call should look like
  • [GROOVY-4345] - @Log annotation should support naming the logger
  • [GROOVY-4351] - Improve Category Performance and Memory
  • [GROOVY-4361] - Further generification of type signatures in DGM
  • [GROOVY-4371] - Decouple core classes of ASTBrowser from Swing classes to make other views on the AST tree possible
  • [GROOVY-4393] - Add multiple file extensions support in compiler
  • [GROOVY-4399] - Command expressions using named arguments doesn't support newlines after colon

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-4318] - Provide a mechanism for Global AST Transformations to be able to define a file extension for the Groovy sources they should be applied to
  • [GROOVY-4322] - Support for Closure composition
  • [GROOVY-4324] - Provide a stub generator testing infrastructure
  • [GROOVY-4377] - Add synthetic bindings to JList
  • [GROOVY-4384] - Implement GEP-3: extended command expressions