Changelog for Groovy 1.7.4


  • [GROOVY-2811] - GroovyClassLoader.isSourceNewer() fails when url has spaces
  • [GROOVY-4163] - Groovyc is unable to compile a class which implements interface and uses @Delegate annotation
  • [GROOVY-4246] - Issue with incrementing array when using Random number generation
  • [GROOVY-4250] - Power assert doesn't pretty-print empty String
  • [GROOVY-4252] - Invalid code crashes the compiler
  • [GROOVY-4259] - Groovyc Ant task hard-codes
  • [GROOVY-4265] - @Delegate's dealing with static methods seems incorrect
  • [GROOVY-4267] - Unable to import static for static inner classes
  • [GROOVY-4268] - Breaking change in enum syntax
  • [GROOVY-4272] - Constant integer and double expressions in AstBuilder.buildFromCode { } cause NoSuchFieldErrors at runtime
  • [GROOVY-4285] - XmlUtil.serialize doesn't seem to pick right method for GPathResult
  • [GROOVY-4286] - GroovyScriptEngine doesn't recompile updateted script
  • [GROOVY-4293] - BUG! exception in phase 'parsing' in source unit 'Script1.groovy' null
  • [GROOVY-4295] - Joint compilation fails for interfaces with primitive fields
  • [GROOVY-4304] - OptimizerVisitor may run twice, corrupting constants
  • [GROOVY-4307] - Grapes doesn't handle properties correctly used in the organisation field of a POM.
  • [GROOVY-4309] - printf not bound to "out" in groovlet context as in print/println
  • [GROOVY-4312] - Empty primitive arrays evaluate to true
  • [GROOVY-4335] - Set doesn't consider equals() method
  • [GROOVY-4454] - PATHEXT environment var overwritten in windows installer


  • [GROOVY-2987] - Slow leftShift GDK methods
  • [GROOVY-4247] - New method: File.renameTo(String path)
  • [GROOVY-4260] - Improve error message for GroovyCastException by including some cause info
  • [GROOVY-4262] - <groovyc> does not provide an option to customize the target bytecode version used by ACG
  • [GROOVY-4271] - InputStream.eachByte in DGM to read IS using a byte buffer
  • [GROOVY-4273] - Provide better error message in case of misspelled enum constant
  • [GROOVY-4303] - Provide minus and intersect methods for maps
  • [GROOVY-4305] - Make groovy.lang.Reference implement Serializable
  • [GROOVY-4310] - Power asserts should use DefaultGroovyMethods.toString() instead of 'plain' toString()

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-4256] - Can groovyConsole provide an option to compile a script?


  • [GROOVY-4175] - GroovyScriptEngine - loading non file based scripts does not work - isSourceNewer
  • [GROOVY-4264] - Issure related to ordering of generated classes when a script has multiple classes