Changelog for Groovy 1.6.9


  • [GROOVY-1034] - running groovy.bat does not return exit status on windows
  • [GROOVY-2790] - Groovy Console load is broken.
  • [GROOVY-3016] - Per-instance MetaClass not respected by InvokerHelper.getMetaClass
  • [GROOVY-3466] - MetaClassCreationHandle.create() should not be final
  • [GROOVY-3492] - Commandline proccessor seems to modifiy script path
  • [GROOVY-3736] - GroovyDoc processes first paragraph correctly but not the rest of overview.html
  • [GROOVY-4034] - Mixin's getClass() method replaces original getClass() implementation
  • [GROOVY-4070] - Wrong value returned for "" when iterating over GPath Attributes
  • [GROOVY-4100] - clearTime() fails for times in the afternoon
  • [GROOVY-4104] - MethodClosure for a protected method in a super class not working properly
  • [GROOVY-4106] - ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle does infinite recursion for ExpandoMetaClass
  • [GROOVY-4133] - @Delegate does not handle native methods correctly
  • [GROOVY-4134] - Closure default values cannot be static constants
  • [GROOVY-4147] - Timecategory strange format (too many '-' signs) when printing 'negative' date
  • [GROOVY-4206] - Inconsistent handling of boolean properties
  • [GROOVY-4220] - Groovy-all-jdk14-1.6.8 fails on Java 1.4 (java/util/concurrent/locks/AbstractQueuedSynchronizer)
  • [GROOVY-4235] - Closure returned from static method cannot access class properties through "this"
  • [GROOVY-4241] - Problems with the 'as' operator


  • [GROOVY-3811] - Groovydoc should recognise Javadoc tags and treat them specially in HTML output as Javadoc does