Changelog for Groovy 1.6.8


  • [GROOVY-1465] - Circular references with interfaces
  • [GROOVY-3565] - - groovydoc treats it wrong
  • [GROOVY-3712] - @Delegate produces invalid class file
  • [GROOVY-3737] - groovydoc and other groovy bugs
  • [GROOVY-3738] - groovydoc doesn't handle @ directives in summary sentences.
  • [GROOVY-3739] - groovydoc doesn't handle {@link xxx} correctly.
  • [GROOVY-3740] - groovydoc doesn't handle # correctly
  • [GROOVY-3741] - There is no way to specify a style sheet (CSS file) to groovydoc.
  • [GROOVY-3745] - groovydoc doesn't handle @link's correctly in project-info.groovy
  • [GROOVY-3748] - Web site Groovy Doc has two flavors and problem with shown methods for GroovyShell
  • [GROOVY-3773] - GroovyDoc doesn't handle default parameters correctly.
  • [GROOVY-3785] - groovydoc doesn't handle enum comments correctly.
  • [GROOVY-3820] - DGM: missing eachLine(File, String, Closure) with charset
  • [GROOVY-3915] - Documentation: Invalid link, bad HTML in RootLoader doc
  • [GROOVY-3927] - Switch's default case doesn't return the value as the non-default cases do
  • [GROOVY-3930] - groovyc does not allow multiple annotations of the same type even if Retention Policy is SOURCE
  • [GROOVY-3933] - XmlTemplateEngine does not handle quotes in attribute values
  • [GROOVY-3945] - Statically imported closure field is not resolved
  • [GROOVY-3947] - No stack trace printed in the Groovy console
  • [GROOVY-3960] - DocGenerator not documented generified methods?
  • [GROOVY-3975] - No generic type information for closure parameters in generated closure class
  • [GROOVY-3977] - Auto-conversion inconsistency in BigDecimal treatment in method calls - Double vs Float
  • [GROOVY-3987] - Cannot copy the text selected in output pane of GroovyConsole
  • [GROOVY-3989] - Groovy compiler allows overriding final methods but class loading fails with java.lang.VerifyError
  • [GROOVY-3993] - NPE when trying to access member of a static array from an inner static enum
  • [GROOVY-3995] - An inner enum class cannot resolve itself in its own body
  • [GROOVY-3996] - Enum static field initialization inconsistency
  • [GROOVY-4009] - Avoiding repeated resolve() calls in case of failure to resolve the type.
  • [GROOVY-4010] - XmlParser wraps nested elements in extra ArrayList
  • [GROOVY-4015] - GStrings are not coerced to Strings in super constructor call
  • [GROOVY-4029] - putAt and put behave different on Maps
  • [GROOVY-4040] - DGM#flatten(Collection, Closure) isn't using closure properly
  • [GROOVY-4044] - String subString(int,int) throws unexpected error.
  • [GROOVY-4046] - 1 == new Object() throws ClassCastException
  • [GROOVY-4337] - Generated createCallSiteArray is too big for JVM


  • [GROOVY-3508] - SQL documenation, stored procedure example is confusing
  • [GROOVY-3697] - Enhance consistency of regex/pattern DGM methods
  • [GROOVY-3910] - Run a JUnit TestSuite directly from the command line
  • [GROOVY-3919] - sum() should be available on Object[] and primitive arrays for consistency with min/max etc.
  • [GROOVY-3946] - Allow overriding the default Groovy class loader
  • [GROOVY-3959] - TestNG script runner masks root cause of exception
  • [GROOVY-3961] - Prepend '.groovy' in the filename of the save dialog & filter *.groovy
  • [GROOVY-3997] - TemplateServlet works directly with System.getProperty instead of init parameters
  • [GROOVY-3999] - StackOverflowError not recognizable as such in GroovyConsole
  • [GROOVY-4045] - Comment the nature of the documentation for
  • [GROOVY-4047] - Cyclic inheritence check - scattered across multiple compilation phases
  • [GROOVY-4262] - <groovyc> does not provide an option to customize the target bytecode version used by ACG

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-3692] - specify encoding for File's combinient methods (eachLine,..)




  • [GROOVY-3374] - Add clearTime() to java.util.Date and/or java.util.Calendar