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Changelog for Groovy 1.6.3


  • [GROOVY-3128] - VerifyError for class definition in script edge case
  • [GROOVY-3155] - Stack overflow during compilation
  • [GROOVY-3333] - Bindable/Vetoable ast transformations are missing a listener query method
  • [GROOVY-3365] - Help/About gives NPE on secondary windows
  • [GROOVY-3423] - Imports of the form "import static SimpleClassName.*" cause compile error
  • [GROOVY-3480] - Spring AOP proxies broken
  • [GROOVY-3491] - Problem with @Newify
  • [GROOVY-3498] - Closure is magically invoked
  • [GROOVY-3502] - ConcurrentModificationException in GraphicsRenderer() -> ExpandoMetaClass -> ClassInfo
  • [GROOVY-3503] - Bi-directional binding does not work with synthetic or event triggered bindings
  • [GROOVY-3509] - GPath inconsistency
  • [GROOVY-3510] - NPE in MetaClassRegistryImpl
  • [GROOVY-3511] - Misleading exception in String to Number conversions
  • [GROOVY-3513] - Memory leak in GroovyCategorySupport
  • [GROOVY-3515] - named parameters doesn't warn/produce an error when duplicates are given
  • [GROOVY-3618] - waitForOrKill() not working properly
  • [GROOVY-3903] - Generics ignored


  • [GROOVY-1282] - Error message could be improved
  • [GROOVY-2855] - Stackoverflow in compiler if bad source code has class implementing itself
  • [GROOVY-2880] - Enhance ObjectGraphBuilder to support additional plural logic
  • [GROOVY-3244] - Support setting clientProperties with map syntax
  • [GROOVY-3320] - SQL Column Aliases are ignored by groovy.sql with MySQL
  • [GROOVY-3337] - ObjectGraphBuilder should support multiple associations for the same class
  • [GROOVY-3427] - Grape support for Maven classifiers
  • [GROOVY-3454] - Compiler should enforce that annotation value w/o default is provided
  • [GROOVY-3489] - Error message when leaving off round brackets and calling a method with a list literal could be improved
  • [GROOVY-3494] - @Immutable gives slightly vague error message if used on a class that cannot be made immutable

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-3458] - SwingBuilder: add noparent node
  • [GROOVY-3459] - SwingBuilder: add a method to handle key related input actions