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Changelog for Groovy 1.6.1


  • [GROOVY-2665] - static typing issue: adding a string to an Integer
  • [GROOVY-2887] - Default argument is not used
  • [GROOVY-3033] - /= assignment operator breaks type system
  • [GROOVY-3043] - Command line arguments containing * (asterisk) not passed correctly
  • [GROOVY-3045] - JVM properties are not correctly used under Linux
  • [GROOVY-3117] - PATHEXT environment variable hogged?
  • [GROOVY-3263] - THIS_EXPRESSION line/column changes
  • [GROOVY-3284] - Call behavior on enums is inconsistent
  • [GROOVY-3305] - Can't use list argument when The method's first argument class is int
  • [GROOVY-3311] - NPE on Groovy 1.6-RC2: Cannot invoke method times() on null object
  • [GROOVY-3315] - Calling a vararg method with no varargs causes IllegalArgumentException
  • [GROOVY-3317] - args passed from ant to groovy script: comes up blank
  • [GROOVY-3335] - Exception while evaluating classes with static toString() methods
  • [GROOVY-3339] - Calling a method that takes a closure containing a list or number (and maybe others) constant throws a weird exception
  • [GROOVY-3345] - Proxy of a Proxy Fails
  • [GROOVY-3346] - DocGenerator truncates summary comment at first full stop rather than proper sentence boundary
  • [GROOVY-3353] - Category methods are not inherited
  • [GROOVY-3359] - GString.split() broken
  • [GROOVY-3363] - hasProperty and respondsTo on Object are broken as they're not defined as static in DGM
  • [GROOVY-3367] - property expressions using "this" as object part won't work in combination with @Category
  • [GROOVY-3368] - Collection.sort{Closure} regression
  • [GROOVY-3370] - Generated Setter for boolean causes "Repetitive method name/signature..."
  • [GROOVY-3380] - @Delegate throws exception when the delegate target has private superinterface
  • [GROOVY-3383] - Problem with using .class in an interface def in Groovy 1.6
  • [GROOVY-3389] - Field Hiding Behavior Regression
  • [GROOVY-3397] - BigInteger losts precition during conversion to BigInteger using 'as' keyword
  • [GROOVY-3403] - CLONE -StubFor: No more calls to 'openConnection' expected at this point. End of demands
  • [GROOVY-3405] - static methods added through metaClass can't have default values for parameters
  • [GROOVY-3407] - lazyClassInit is called on proxy ClassNodes
  • [GROOVY-3410] - VerifyError appears with boolean method and long or larger primitive type in conditional operand of ternary statement
  • [GROOVY-3416] - Iterator returned by MetaClassRegistryImpl.iterator() throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException upon call to hasNext() if registry is empty
  • [GROOVY-3418] - @Bindable and final don't work together
  • [GROOVY-3424] - Cannot intercept constructors
  • [GROOVY-3426] - Cannot restore the original metaclass after intercepting static method
  • [GROOVY-3428] - Call site of static property is not updated after meta class is changed
  • [GROOVY-3429] - Call site of POJO is not updated after meta class is changed
  • [GROOVY-3436] - Consecutive configuration options are not merged correctly in ConfigSlurper
  • [GROOVY-3438] - Amendments related to strict security managers
  • [GROOVY-3442] - @Singleton doesn't support getInstance() as documented
  • [GROOVY-3455] - Multiple Assignment in loop -> Inconsistent stack height 1 != 0
  • [GROOVY-4804] - Command line arguments containing * (asterisk) not passed correctly


  • [GROOVY-3369] - Better error message for Grab parameter errors
  • [GROOVY-3386] - could @Mixin support apply to a method in addition to a class
  • [GROOVY-3390] - Add configuration options to grape for http proxy settings
  • [GROOVY-3420] - Commons CLI 1.2 is released
  • [GROOVY-3431] - New setters for Statement subclasses
  • [GROOVY-3445] - Provide better error message when an annotation member is set twice

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-2703] - Add putEach method to Map
  • [GROOVY-3443] - Patch to enhance String class with a find method that takes regular expressions