Changelog for Groovy 1.5.6


  • [GROOVY-1162] - Can readLine from FileReader
  • [GROOVY-1873] - Relative links in the HTML documentation are broken during conversion to PDF
  • [GROOVY-2260] - Wrong install : Exception in thread "Main Thread" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files\Groovy
  • [GROOVY-2453] - The Map plus() method creates new TreeMap but javadoc says HashMap
  • [GROOVY-2483] - groovy.bat can not set system property
  • [GROOVY-2542] - Missing hyphen in XML declaration encoding created by StreamingMarkupBuilder
  • [GROOVY-2548] - -cp include in bash script startGroovy do not include all needed jars
  • [GROOVY-2555] - Calling abstract super method causes stack overflow instead of compiler error
  • [GROOVY-2573] - ConfigSlurper does not process property files with nested properties correctly
  • [GROOVY-2575] - getLineNumber()/getColumnNumber() on PropertyExpression always returns -1
  • [GROOVY-2603] - ['a'] as LinkedHashSet throws GroovyCastException
  • [GROOVY-2634] - Using Java Generics
  • [GROOVY-2644] - startGroovy.bat appends CLASSPATH to jvm's startup classpath
  • [GROOVY-2646] - changed behaviour of isImplicitThis() in MethodCallExpression
  • [GROOVY-2693] - Generics and joint compilation: method types are not fully respected
  • [GROOVY-2697] - line/column information for parenthesised expression
  • [GROOVY-2706] - Unable to use increment operator on static variables prefixed by class name
  • [GROOVY-2714] - multiline string with """ or ''' error causes problem in groovysh
  • [GROOVY-2739] - Compilation error: BUG! exception in phase 'semantic analysis' in source unit
  • [GROOVY-2741] - NullPointerException from groovy.lang.MetaClassImpl.findMethod(
  • [GROOVY-2742] - Behavior of Closure in GString needs to be documented
  • [GROOVY-2747] - Joint Compilation fails on the command line
  • [GROOVY-2749] - eachLine and splitEachLine work without encoding
  • [GROOVY-2755] - The runtime must instantiate or avoid the nulled MetaClass
  • [GROOVY-2757] - java.lang.NullPointerException: groovy.lang.MetaClassImpl.findMethod
  • [GROOVY-2763] - derived class can not inherit its parent method
  • [GROOVY-2766] - methodMissing is invoked twice


  • [GROOVY-2615] - Patches for line / colum information for various AST Nodes
  • [GROOVY-2748] - line/column information patch for several nodes
  • [GROOVY-2764] - Plus on Collection tries to keep similar type of original collection but not for LinkedList
  • [GROOVY-2765] - Intersect on Collection should try to keep similar type of original collection (like plus)
  • [GROOVY-2770] - encoding specific versions of newWriter and withWriter wrap the created OutputStreamWriter in a BufferedWriter which hides encoding
  • [GROOVY-3074] - Cross platform installer depends on XWin display


  • [GROOVY-2758] - Provide better mechanisms to allow output and error streams from run process to be captured


  • [GROOVY-259] - unit test case to ensure that we always set line number information on all AST nodes