Changelog for Groovy 1.5.1


  • [GROOVY-1545] - startGroovy script uses Bash extensions
  • [GROOVY-1778] - Overriding final causes verify error not compile error
  • [GROOVY-2001] - NumberMath.getMath(Number) behaves differently from NumberMath.getMath(Number,Number) for Byte and Short
  • [GROOVY-2163] - jUnit-4 Tests do not run
  • [GROOVY-2290] - Poor performance versus Rhino/Javascript
  • [GROOVY-2302] - Final not adhered to for calls with a class
  • [GROOVY-2365] - Deadlock in GroovyClassLoader
  • [GROOVY-2367] - property addition does not overwrite abstract getter definition
  • [GROOVY-2368] - sudden abstract
  • [GROOVY-2370] - 1.5 Causes StackOverflowError with Ant Java Task
  • [GROOVY-2372] - Named parameter without paranthesis in an assertion caused an error
  • [GROOVY-2375] - "groovy" launcher broken on Cygwin
  • [GROOVY-2376] - A NumberFormatException occurs when starting the groovy console in the command line
  • [GROOVY-2377] - sub-tabbedPane in swingbuilder missing title
  • [GROOVY-2378] - Problem with XmlParser
  • [GROOVY-2381] - Problem by extends class in groovy 1.5
  • [GROOVY-2391] - ExpandoMetaClass: Unable to override DGM asType method on certain types
  • [GROOVY-2394] - Groovy 1.5 has serious concurrency regression.
  • [GROOVY-2398] - invokeMethod called twice on GroovyInterceptable when non-existent method called from an instance method
  • [GROOVY-2399] - Groovy does not run on IBM JRE6
  • [GROOVY-2404] - A lost funktion in GSQL
  • [GROOVY-2408] - Groovy does not respect covariant return types when overriding methods from Object
  • [GROOVY-2417] - 'null' value for a property breaks ConfigSlurper
  • [GROOVY-2418] - Nested javac task within groovyc produces class resolving errors
  • [GROOVY-2427] - resetting TableModel with a groovy.model.TableModel does not reset columns
  • [GROOVY-2463] - Renaming Groovy script with script open in Groovy Editor causes Eclipse to hang
  • [GROOVY-2469] - Bad Junit action ID causes error
  • [GROOVY-2538] - GString usage with Java Integration causes calsscasstexception if we cast returned string in java code
  • [GROOVY-2541] - Add archive mappings to site.xml that make the Test NG feature avaialble from the Groovy update site
  • [GROOVY-951] - Accessing Map elements using a GroovyString


  • [GROOVY-1123] - File.write and append should have an additional version: setText() and leftShift
  • [GROOVY-1181] - println in closure doesn't respect "out" PrintWriter binding
  • [GROOVY-1756] - Sql.rows
  • [GROOVY-2388] - Applying the plus operator to a SortedSet yields a HashSet
  • [GROOVY-2389] - maven2 groovy pom.xml quality
  • [GROOVY-2395] - Extending XmlNodePrinter to support namespaces
  • [GROOVY-2402] - Applying the minus operator to a SortedSet yields a HashSet
  • [GROOVY-2407] - Improved Groovy Truth for Iterator and Enumeration
  • [GROOVY-2413] - GroovyResultSetExtension toString method wsill null exception on null values
  • [GROOVY-2420] - Add iterator for referencedClassVariable and referencedLocalVariable map entries
  • [GROOVY-2477] - give variables higher precedence over other code completions

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-1172] - Add File << String to be a groovier way to write a string to a file
  • [GROOVY-1673] - Patch to integrate templates into content assist (Ctrl+space)
  • [GROOVY-2390] - inclusion of groovy test cases inside graphical junit test runner
  • [GROOVY-316] - GroovyBuilder option to copy groovy source into bin dir instead compiling it