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Changelog for Groovy 1.5.0


  • [GROOVY-1206] - script cant find class in same directory with "-cp ."
  • [GROOVY-1218] - Multimethods conflict with default implementations
  • [GROOVY-1259] - java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError use groovyc ant task
  • [GROOVY-1286] - Inconsistent behavior between positive indices and negative indices.
  • [GROOVY-1388] - Groovy does not find javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory although it's available
  • [GROOVY-1407] - GPath expression on Map.entrySet() expanding out too much
  • [GROOVY-1417] - import java inner classes changed/broken in jsr06; can only import with '*'
  • [GROOVY-1425] - Using <classpath refid="pathid" /> form throws exception for invalid path entries
  • [GROOVY-1466] - Varargs in method declarators
  • [GROOVY-1491] - StackOverflowError running unit test
  • [GROOVY-1500] - Stack overflow
  • [GROOVY-1504] - xml-apis included in groovy distribution causes conflicts w/ jaxb2.0 xjc ant task
  • [GROOVY-1541] - Missing of directory apidocs with API documentation in java format
  • [GROOVY-1567] - behavior of Groovyshell and GroovyScriptEngine is not similar
  • [GROOVY-1576] - Can not call static method of parent class from child class.
  • [GROOVY-1592] - is treated as
  • [GROOVY-1617] - GString and String do not behave the same when converted to String[]
  • [GROOVY-1641] - Incorrect error message when accessing non existing class in static member: IncompatibleClassChangeError
  • [GROOVY-1656] - Cannot run java2Groovy in DOS
  • [GROOVY-1667] - Invalid directory
  • [GROOVY-1693] - packaging issue: executables lack the executable bit
  • [GROOVY-1706] - groovyConsole resolves static methods incorrectly
  • [GROOVY-1736] - Accessing superclass properties causes stack overflow
  • [GROOVY-1766] - IncompatibleClassChangeError with static GString
  • [GROOVY-1993] - ExpandoMetaClass doesn't handle no arg borrowing of methods in current form
  • [GROOVY-2013] - code completion in empty groovy script throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GROOVY-2070] - GroovyBuilder does not clean groovy output
  • [GROOVY-2071] - Script output does not appear in console
  • [GROOVY-2154] - properties of Node obscure xml elements with GPath after using XmlParser
  • [GROOVY-2184] - Tomcat webapp cannot access to inherited property
  • [GROOVY-2191] - Ambiguous method call is not detected
  • [GROOVY-2204] - Groovy fails to select overloaded method with vargs
  • [GROOVY-2211] - unable to resolve class by directorynames with blanks eg: "Eigene Dateien"
  • [GROOVY-2259] - groovyConsole affected by Java printing problems in Ubuntu Linux
  • [GROOVY-2326] - Groovy objects trying to override final methods
  • [GROOVY-2329] - Missing documentation for many methods in DefaultGroovyMethods (GDK)
  • [GROOVY-2343] - Inconsistent compilation behaviour: No exception thrown for javac, but exception for groovyc when doing joint compilation
  • [GROOVY-2346] - MarkupBuilder generated xml is not well-formed
  • [GROOVY-2347] - Incorrect parameter for annotations throws compilation exception with obfuscated message
  • [GROOVY-2348] - Calling closure from static method results in IllegalArgumentException
  • [GROOVY-2349] - Ranges removing the dot from strings when used on variables
  • [GROOVY-2350] - POGOs no-arg constructor invocation and metaprogramming
  • [GROOVY-2351] - Varargs with overloaded methods
  • [GROOVY-2357] - call method not used for possible closure
  • [GROOVY-2358] - ConfigSlurper does not process nested closures correctly
  • [GROOVY-2362] - Can't have two inputs after each other
  • [GROOVY-2393] - Dynamically added methods seem to need an arrow in the closure


  • [GROOVY-1065] - Support JUnit 4.0 in GroovyTestCases
  • [GROOVY-1114] - String.split() like String.split(/\w/)
  • [GROOVY-1127] - align naming of the newXxxStream and the toXxxWriter methods
  • [GROOVY-1324] - have friendlier "operator overloading" method names
  • [GROOVY-1369] - prototype class
  • [GROOVY-1411] - Throw exception when assign a class with an expression
  • [GROOVY-1438] - use statement has no return value
  • [GROOVY-1548] - Iterator and Enumeration have no toList() method
  • [GROOVY-1584] - groovyc ant task compilation performance to slower that invoking groovyc from a java ant taks
  • [GROOVY-1638] - add "1".isNumber() method
  • [GROOVY-1652] - Bad error message when declaring variable called "default" (a reserved word?)
  • [GROOVY-1735] - Build a compiler that can handle Groovy and Java source code
  • [GROOVY-2038] - Allow for-each iteration without types
  • [GROOVY-2356] - The groovy.ui.Console always switches the Swing look and feel breaking some running applications that use another LnF
  • [GROOVY-287] - $!{text} toString()'s to "" instead of null
  • [GROOVY-318] - DocGenerator should parse DefaultGroovyStaticMethods

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-1449] - Pre-compile groovy templates, faster initial process
  • [GROOVY-1644] - Support postfix operatons on array access: x[i]++


  • [GROOVY-2061] - Add Find/Replace actions to Console menu


  • [GROOVY-1332] - correct missing spaces in the groovy examples on confluence


  • [GROOVY-1575] - Need a sample of what's the equivalent of GroovyInterceptable