Changelog for Groovy 1.0.0-beta-7


  • [GROOVY-467] - method invocation should be able to choose between int and float types
  • [GROOVY-507] - Can not pass String[] to constructor
  • [GROOVY-530] - Cannot call static method without fully qualifying class name
  • [GROOVY-545] - Ambiguous method exception when calling Math.min(), even with casts
  • [GROOVY-578] - Groovyshell.runMainOrTestOrRunnable
  • [GROOVY-579] - undefined variables behave differently in scripts and classes
  • [GROOVY-580] - setter method for mixed case properties is not found
  • [GROOVY-585] - groovy can't handle public static nested classes
  • [GROOVY-656] - Can't pass negative arguments to script (because of the minus sign)
  • [GROOVY-681] - MissingPropertyException when trying to call a static method


  • [GROOVY-109] - Groovy shell doesn't support Cp850 encoding on windows
  • [GROOVY-283] - Add -encoding parameter when parsing scripts/classes
  • [GROOVY-581] - SwingBuilder does not support all stanard Swing Widgets
  • [GROOVY-587] - Added a -v/--version command line argument to the "groovy" command line program
  • [GROOVY-588] - Call myBean.myClosure() as a method call


  • [GROOVY-138] - The groovy script should automatically compile any dependent groovy scripts