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Changelog for Groovy 1.0.0-beta-2


  • [GROOVY-42] - ! expressions not working
  • [GROOVY-44] - 5.times { ... } fails. Calling methods on numbers with closures seems bonked
  • [GROOVY-48] - Bugs in the "text ${foo} text" parser
  • [GROOVY-59] - support heredocs to allow text to be easily marked up using <<token ... token
  • [GROOVY-60] - Verify error when you test a list property and set it then use it
  • [GROOVY-68] - Inconsistent Stack Height
  • [GROOVY-74] - method invocation passing a String[] seems to barf when there is more than one element
  • [GROOVY-88] - BSFManager not available to GroovyShell when using GroovyEngine.exec()
  • [GROOVY-89] - First example on first page of site is broken !


  • [GROOVY-65] - parser to handle ; and newlines better which could help reduce ambiguity
  • [GROOVY-85] - Allow single statement without {} with if, for, while

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-37] - Support instanceof as an operator in the language
  • [GROOVY-38] - parser to support interactive shell style parsing
  • [GROOVY-62] - implement switch statement



  • [GROOVY-29] - Refactor the MetaClass to use an Object[] rather than Object for arguments?
  • [GROOVY-81] - groovlets improvements - support cross-script dependencies