Changelog for Groovy 1.0.0-JSR-1


  • [GROOVY-105] - Parent class print method is wrongly picked up
  • [GROOVY-369] - prefix increment may need a higher precedence
  • [GROOVY-390] - Closure cannot be used to invoke recursive function
  • [GROOVY-396] - closure can't see script method
  • [GROOVY-427] - Can't execute a command line where arguments have spaces in them
  • [GROOVY-460] - improper parsing behavior or error message
  • [GROOVY-461] - Compiler does not inforce the Java rules for definite assignment before use
  • [GROOVY-466] - The print statement overrides parent print methods
  • [GROOVY-485] - Method closures don't work for static methods
  • [GROOVY-521] - Boolean constants don't support ".class" like Numbers do.
  • [GROOVY-524] - groovy has major problems loading classes
  • [GROOVY-543] - Incorrect exception MissingMethodException when closure references an uninitialized variable
  • [GROOVY-674] - println in closure has problem
  • [GROOVY-711] - Antlr parser bugs in New Groovy
  • [GROOVY-755] - Allow # as first character of a Groovy script
  • [GROOVY-766] - Infinite Loop if the Last Line contains Single Line Comment without Carriage Return.
  • [GROOVY-767] - groovysh does not work.
  • [GROOVY-768] - divide 0 by any other number => groovy soils its breeches
  • [GROOVY-770] - In some cases minus operator does not work with lists
  • [GROOVY-778] - wrong CHECKCAST in bytecode for native arrays
  • [GROOVY-779] - Type Checking Bypassed in Default Constructor
  • [GROOVY-788] - [1,2,] or ["a":1,] should be supported


  • [GROOVY-291] - add new negate() methods to Number
  • [GROOVY-352] - auto coerce List to Object[]
  • [GROOVY-418] - simple placeholder format in GString
  • [GROOVY-771] - Lexer should return Comments and Whitespaces when demanded
  • [GROOVY-785] - Create a jar with its own namespace for dependencies